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Polystrong solid and multiwall polycarbonate sheets


We are introducing our new brandname: POLYSTRONG!

Dear Customer,

In line with our existing product names and future plans, it has become timely to change the well-known names Alfalux and Policam as follows:

Polystrong GP instead of Policam GP

Polystrong UV instead of Policam UV

Polystrong multi UV instead of MW PC

Polystrong Eco UV instead of Alfalux

The change of brand name does not affect the sources of supply, the quality or the related services (sizes, thicknesses, types), but the uniform name facilitates identification.

In case of any question, please, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues at one of our contacts!

Kerttrade developments


We will be 30 next year, but we have reached another milestone this year: we need more space and a more efficient storage system to sustain our development, so we started expanding our site this year.

In an unchanged location, in addition to our existing site, we are expanding with two new halls and office space.

Handover, commissioning in 2022.

With the development of our site, a wider product range, more efficient operation and more services, we will be able to serve the needs of our customers.

The PolyfiX profile system has been renewd!


The new generation of installation profiles! The PolyfiX installation profile system, an essential accessory for quality terrace covering, has been renewed!

Renewed in all its elements, the deservedly popular PolyfiX profile system takes professional and private plastic installation to a new level. Thanks to the unique design:

20% higher load capacity for plastic sheets,

  • the stiffness of the clamping profiles has quadrupled,
  • prevents condensation in multiwall sheets, no unpleasant algae and discoloration in the cells,
  • perfect waterproofing,
  • adapts to any support width,
  • excellent for both wood and metal substructure!

Enjoy all the benefits of the system offered by our company and its partners for a long time! Remember, less support, more light!

PolyfiX L51 and PolyfiX L61 clamping profiles
The lower plane of the PolyfiX L51 and L61 profiles, which extends deep below the line of the sealing gaskets, does not allow the edges of the plastic sheets to bend under load, it can press the sheets down on a larger surface, thus building more load-bearing, stiffer nodes.
Based on the manufacturer's calculations and test results, the load capacity of Exolon UV and Exolon multi UV solid and multiwall polycarbonates can be increased by more than 20(!)% Or the rafter spacing can be increased by 20% when using PolyfiX L51 and L61 profiles. The stiffness of the redesigned clamping profiles has quadrupled, however, even with the PolyfiX G3 rubber profile, it is only 8 mm high. Benefits:

  • lower construction costs due to a reduction in the amount of material used,
  • 20% higher load capacity, winter snow or summer windstorm, no problem,
  • 20% less support density,
  • professional, unique appearance, free of nasty deformation in the vicinity of the screws,
  • can be fitted with black and white sealing rubbers, so you will find the most suitable for each sheet color,
  • can be safely used perpendicular to the slope due to the low construction height,
  • perfect waterproofing.

PolyfiX U and T end closing profiles
The use of end closing profiles is especially important for multiwall sheets (eg Exolon multi UV and PLEXIGLAS® SDP Alltop), but is also useful for the installation of solid materials. The U-profile not only provides an aesthetic seal to the plastic sheets, but the appropriate shape also stiffen their ends. A well-designed upper profile shank withstands little water. The renewed PolyfiX U and T profiles

  • significantly reduces condensation inside polycarbonate sheets due to its large internal cavity,
  • by perforating the inner cavity, condensation can be completely eliminated,
  • are easy to place on the end of the plates due to their design, but are stable on them,
  • provide greater sheet stiffness,
  • minimize clogging of sheet ends,
  • eliminates nasty silicone extraction.

PolyfiX G51 and G61 EPDM laying gaskets
The proven PolyfiX G51 and G61 EPDM laying gaskets are a few mm smaller than their nominal size and are particularly advantageous and aesthetic when installed on square metal tubes, because they remain hidden! Thanks to the symmetrical design, they can be easily mounted on the transverse supports when cut in half, and they are also suitable for the tops of 45, 40, 35, 30 and even 20 mm wide support structures.

  • excellent configurability,
  • stable support for the plates,
  • the flexible material, which does not stick, ensures the thermal expansion of the sheets,
  • does his job discreetly, remains invisible!

PolyfiX H and S profiles
The two-part, therefore adjustable PolyfiX H and PolyfiX S profiles can be used to build windbreak walls, hanging roof skirts, as well as exhibition stands and indoor partitions.

  • uniquely aesthetic appearance
  • can also be used for 10 and 16 mm thick plates

PolyfiX RW aluminium frame profiles
The 58 mm size PolyfiX RW profiles are mainly suitable for the construction of partitions, walls, exhibition stands and fixed thermal bridge doors and windows. The product is also a perfect solution for the production of mobile screen walls.

  • can be fitted with internal bracing
  • non-rust material
  • unique and aesthetic appearance
  • can be used for sheet thicknesses of 10 mm or less with additional inserts